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Full Text - The Key to Future License Searches

Shall we state the period of complete information disclosure has just started as well as thus the importance of full text patent searching?

Under area US112, the examination of enablement calls for the claims to be backed by full disclosure of the recommended embodiment in the specification. This method has been made use of by attorneys extensively to invalidate licenses in the law courts.

As an industrial details service carrier the arrangement of the complete text data comes to be exceptionally essential to look and also analyze because the import of the inventive step may not be totally offered from the claims.

In other words, there is potent challenge to do an extensive license search provided the business license data source service providers supplying just the thumb nail view of the first page. My arbitrary informal meetings with a couple of patent research analysts go on to acknowledge on one easy truth that in order to understand the utility of an innovation, it is extremely suggested that a patent search is done on the complete requirements of the license. They think that the title, abstract and also claims normally make one to recognize the uniqueness and non obviousness while many licenses have their utility living in the full requirements.

Further, it is only sensible to have a comprehensive patent search including complete specifications of the licenses where the objective of patent search is for litigation including invalidation/ violation as well as also while browsing the prior art. Time after time, it has become a thumb guideline for a patent searcher to understand that the patents are usually written with a purpose to cover the copyrighted creation. Our company believe that the above reiterates the need to search on the complete message as well as for this reason the key for future license searches.

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